Our Vision is simple, we want to help our local community. We started Armour Koating to help build a family legacy but we also want to create new jobs and economic growth within Clarksville and the surrounding areas while also employing the Locals and Veterans.    



Powder Coat & Cerakote in Clarksville, TN

For years my Wife and I have been trying to think of a way to start a business within our home so that we could learn and grow, but we didn't have a lot of money to start with. After about a year of research we decided on Powder Coating and Cerakoting to start with. But we don't want to stop there we are also looking in to Laser Engraving, Vehicle customization, Guns sales, Dustless Blasting, and possibly more if everything goes as planed.  

Right now we have a small shop set up in our garage and looking to move into a real building in 2019 (hopefully sooner)   


We are a local home business in Clarksville, TN. My Wife and I started Armour Koating in January 2016 in hopes to provide Friends, Family, and Neighbors with quality Powder Coating and Cerakoting.  Committed to providing you excellent service and quality at a cheap price , so you always choose us for your next project.


1487 Thompsonville  ln., oak grove, KY 42262

+1 (903) 277-1620


Powder Coat in Clarksville, CERAKOTE, METAL COATING